Dirty Hank – I Might Need A Doctor (Free Album DL)

That’s right, the only rapper with a serious habit for saying things that would make even the toughest rappers blush, Dirty Hank is back with another free EP with his producer/homie Madplaid.  Peep the link below and take this artwork, I would post the photo he sent me, but it would be flagged as inappropriate

Link and Tracklisting after the jump!

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CasUno – Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb (Free DL)

CasUno has just dropped me off a real dope track! you need to hear this now!

CasUno - Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

August 28th

August 28th @ Scottys Pub, 202 Pleasant st, Fall River, Ma | $10 | 18+ | 9pm

Performances by: Tame One, Breeze Brewin, Big City Bumpus, Marshall Law and Troy City’s Finest.

Presented by: Backwards Productions

The Scribblenauts – Sands Of Time (FREE DL)

That’s right folks, I’ve been busy with this new group called The Scribblenauts.  I could talk in a 3rd person view but I won’t cause that’s just weird.  The first single drops today and its called Sands Of Time, I think you will enjoy it:

The Scribblenauts - Sands Of Time
Download the track free here.

Jesus Christ, He Shaves?!?!? (Falside Beattape!)

Hello world,

Its been months since I updated this site, I thought that maybe someone would take it over and work it out, but alas I am the only one that still cares about this place.  But I have new stuff to show you!

Falside drops new hotness on your ears literally this morning with his new beattape titled “Jesus Shaves” The track listing and download link after the jump!

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Tick … Tick … BOOM

We at 401hiphop.com  get blessed with dope tracks from local artist that often times end up in our Feature Audio section. This time around we have something for your viewing pleasure as well. Before I get into particulars, I would like to go on the record saying that I (as should you) tip my hat to these young(er) cats for putting forth the time and effort to deliver quality product. So whether you are a fan of this video or their music, you gotta give props where props is due.
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April 22 @ Comedy Connection

West Allah presents you with the 2nd official installment of ALL JOKES ASIDE.

Thursday April 22, 2010 @ Comedy Connection

Starring Big Rush & Lingo!

Special performances by:

  • Risky Biz
  • The Titans
  • Renaissance
  • Duganz
  • Massaka
  • Triple B & Rio

Music provided all night by DJ Rocks!
21 plus event | Doors open 8pm  | $7

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Jotsone – Dear New England (Fuck You)

Jotsone - Dear New England (Fuck You)

There’s no place like home. I feel safe in assuming we are all familiar with this saying and its connotation. Apparently Jotsone has his own take on the phrase. Once you listen to the track affectionately titled ” New England (Fuck You) ” it is crystal clear what that take is. Its definitely no secret that there is prevalent ” crabs in a barrel ” vibe in the RI / southern MA music scene. Although not the first to address this issue, Jots make dam sure he puts his 2 cents in.

If you’ve been keeping up with Jotsone’s more recent stuff, this is definitely a departure from that. This is straight Hip Hop, pure and simple. With a super smooth / funky instrumental provided By Josh G, it was pretty much Jots’ job not to fuck it up, and he didn’t. Jots is currently working on his album ” Nothing Good” tentatively slated for a summer/fall release.

Being a local artist myself i can feel where he’s comin from. Shit is real. Take a listen to see if you agree with his outlook on the current climate of our scene. Lets us know if you think this scathing critique is a spot on snapshot, or a jaded emcee’s empty rhetoric.

I almost forgot. I could be wrong, but after a few listens I think I noticed some subliminal (or not so) shots being fired at a fellow 401 emcee ???

April 18th @ AS220 | Big Kurt, H.W. & DJ Emoh Betta, Kozzwon, Rite Hook, Political Animals

Leedz Edutainment/Delusional Records present:

Big Kurt, H.W. & DJ Emoh Betta, Kozzwon, Rite Hook, Political Animals | Live @ AS220 | $5 | 9PM

Click read more for the flyer!

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April 17th @ Scotties Pub – Afu Ra, Troy Citys Finest, Big City Bumpus, Jotsone

Big show coming up at Scotties pub in Fall River on April 17th, featuring performances by: Afu Ra, Troy Cities Finest, Big City Bumpus, Jotsone, Axe Butane and more! click the read more for the flyer | $10 | 18+ | Doors @ 9pm

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